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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

  • OPT Insurance to Assist You in Your Career

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OPT insurance or international student insurance for Optional Practical Training programs allow international students to begin their careers on the right foot. Most OPT programs start immediately after graduation and they allow foreign students to work in the country where they have studied and put their knowledge to practice. In such conditions, Optional Practical Training insurance is an extension of the international health insurance for students for the duration of the training program.

Optional Practical Training programs are a great way to begin your career especially since it comes as soon as you have graduated and you have no actual experience in your field. As much as these programs are appreciated as major contributors to the careers of young graduates, they do not offer the same benefits of full time jobs. International student insurance is no longer valid and you are no longer eligible for it since you have ended your studies. You may not be eligible for employee benefits either and in such a case the only option left is OPT insurance plans. Inexpensive insurance plans are available with higher deductibles and less coverage levels, but very cheap insurance is not recommended either.

The Optional Practical Training insurance is valid between 5 days and 12 months and can be prolonged with 5 additional months if necessary. The OPT insurance covers medical expenses with prescriptions drugs, visits to the doctor’s, medical assistance, injuries or accidents, emergency interventions, accidental death and dismemberment. In general, it is best to choose a coverage level somewhere in the middle, not the highest and not the lowest. You should make sure that you can afford the premiums and thus choose a plan that meets your budget.

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