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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

  • Opting for Optional Practical Training? Get your OPT Insurance

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Students who are on an F1 Student Visa in USA can apply for OPT. This is an optional work experience for students to augment their classroom learning.  The status of a student opting for OPT is somewhere in between that of an actual student of a University and an employee of a company.

The University may not consider him/her a full-time student any more. And, he/she may not be considered an employee in a company in the complete sense of the word. It is possible that the University might discontinue providing health insurance benefits for this category. Also, it takes time for the employer to start coverage, and in the mean time one might not have any coverage. It is also possible that health coverage might not be a part of the employer’s offer at all.

One has to make sure that health coverage is available during such a period as well. With classroom learning coming to an end, and with a prospect of a job in hand, it is even more important to stay covered, and be prepared for a medical emergency. This brings to fore the need to have a health insurance plan suitable for that phase of life.

When you opt for OPT, don’t forget OPT Insurance...

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