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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

As more and more international students move to the USA to pursue their education, it is important to understand the way health care works here. Let us try and see the various kinds of health care systems in different countries.

There are countries in the world where health care is cheap and is also paid for by the people seeking the health care themselves. There are other countries where health care is provided by the state. Then there are those, where private insurance companies are the major players in the market. Most countries have a system which is a kind of combination of two or all of these systems.

USA is one of those countries where health insurance is usually purchased from private health insurers. There are a multitude of plans available to choose from - based on age groups, demographics, employment status, etc. Health care here is extremely costly, and is best taken care through a health plan.

When planning to study in the USA, it is very important to understand that your budget planning has to include annual payments for health insurance premiums. Find out how much health insurance will cost, and factor in that amount in your study budget. Health care sans health insurance can upset the best planned budgets here. Be careful, live with peace of mind. Commenting is not available in this channel entry.

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