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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

  • Protect Yourself From Poor Water Quality With International Student Health Insurance

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If you did not already know, you will soon find out when traveling that water quality varies from country to country. This can cause major problems, including hospitalization, if you are not careful. This is just one reason you should always protect yourself with international student medical insurance.

Low-quality water can lead to all sorts of health problems. It can carry bacteria and communicable diseases, leaving you with short-term illnesses or even more serious afflictions. And often, you do not even have to drink contaminated water to get sick. Simply showering in it or washing your hands with it could make you ill.

An obvious precaution to take is to only drink bottled water. Another defensive tactic is to boil any water used for cleaning yourself. But these methods are not guaranteed to prevent you from getting sick. And a hospital stay in another country can be quite expensive without an insurance plan.

International student health insurance offers an affordable way to cover medical expenses that occur while visiting other countries as a student. This way, if bad water (or another local problem like environmental effects, injuries from accidents, or other health issues) sends you to the hospital, you will not have to worry about incurring expensive medical bills that you cannot pay. Your insurance will absorb the majority of the costs, leaving you free to focus on getting healthy once again to resume your studies.
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