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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

  • Replace Your School-Sponsored Plan With International Student Health Insurance

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If you are an international student looking towards the next academic semester as the current year winds down, there is one change you should definitely consider making. Replacing your school-sponsored health insurance plan with international student health insurance can save you money and offer you more freedom.

School-sponsored plans are most often purchased by international students who are seeking to meet their school's minimum insurance requirements. Students purchase these plans because they are convenient to buy and because many simply don't know how to buy another plan.

However, these plans can be quite expensive, which is a real problem for students. Students in general don't have much disposable income since it can be difficult to balance a job and studies. And international students are very unlikely to get a job during their time studying abroad.

Additionally, these plans may limit where you can get health care. If you go somewhere other than a university clinic or a school-sponsored hospital, your claim may be denied. But with international student health insurance, you can choose where to receive your coverage without worrying about your costs increasing. And your premiums may turn out to be much cheaper than a school plan. So as you prepare for the upcoming school year, consider researching different types of health insurance.
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