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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

As a young woman abroad you will stand out, especially if you travel to off-the-beaten track destinations. Your fantastic chance to experience a new culture can pass without a hitch if you follow some common-sense advice and think carefully about the medical insurance you need.

While dressing conservatively won’t protect you from all unwanted attention, it’s a good start. Be aware that what’s acceptable at home may be frowned upon in a different country. Baring your midriff, wearing a tight top and even showing your shoulders may give people the wrong impression. Pay attention to cultural differences and you won’t stand out in the wrong way.

Don’t walk alone at night. If you have to travel alone after dark, take a taxi. While it may make you feel bad to ignore a chatty stranger – who may not be a danger at all – it is important to create boundaries for your personal protection. Chat to new-found friends in safe spaces, not on the street, and don’t accept lifts or drinks from someone you’ve just met.

Last but not least, make sure you have good quality, professional medical insurance to protect you when you travel abroad to study and have fun.

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