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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

  • Scholarships and Financial Aid in the US

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As an international student in the US, are you looking for financial aid or scholarship in the US to begin or continue your studies? 

The fact is, there aren’t a lot of options available within the US. A lot of financial aid is available for sure, but not every international student can qualify for that. Confused? Let’s see how these seemingly contradictory sentences make sense.

Financial aid, scholarships, etc. are available based on things like

  1. whether you are a graduate or not
  2. what religion or country or ethnic group you belong to
  3. what course you are enrolling in, etc

Which means you have to be situated at a golden mean to be able to easily get aid.

United Nations, Red Cross societies, Churches, associations of ethnic groups within US are usually the ones who offer aid. Every University offers some financial aid too, but the number of students who get it (and the actual aid amount) is too less to be of any significance. 

Essentially, available aid is limited and the competition to get it is abysmally huge. Student loans to international students in the US isn’t very easy to obtain either.
The best one can do is to look at banks, businesses, relatives, organizations, and others from the home country to sponsor education in the US. But, if financial aid in the US is what you want, well… better start searching early and be prepared to send applications to many.

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