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  • Saturday, February 16, 2019

  • Smart Students Save with International Student Health Insurance

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Studying in another country is an exciting experience in which you will build your academic knowledge and learn firsthand about fascinating cultures. But there is one piece of preparation that the smartest international students know, and it's not picking the perfect classes or finding the right place to live. Perhaps the most intelligent way to get ready for your experience is to purchase international student health insurance.

Without insurance, an injury or bout of illness can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. As a student, your income is probably quite limited, if you have any at all. So you cannot afford these unplanned medical bills.

You may think that the risk of needing to visit a doctor or hospital is low, but it is actually much greater than you realize. Exposure to new environments, travel fatigue, and participation in intramural activities are just some of the factors which can heighten your chances of needing medical attention.

The cost of international student health insurance is relatively small, especially compared to what emergency medical care may cost you without insurance. That is why smart students recognize the value of and need for international student medical insurance. They know that they can get long term savings out of a small upfront investment.

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