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  • Saturday, February 16, 2019

  • Student Insurance: Light at the End of the Tunnel

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Daylight savings time is here, and international student health insurance plans can be a lifesaver in the wintertime. While longer nights and shorter days change perceptions and thoughts in interesting ways in some parts of the country, they can prove to be seeds of health problems as well.

Remember that longer nights mean less exposure to the sun, and therefore, less Vitamin D. For international students from some countries, this might prove dangerous, as conditions such as multiple sclerosis are known to result from its deficiency. Consult a medical practitioner at the first sign of trouble. Your international student medical insurance should cover most expenses.

Make sure that your body receives enough sunlight to function normally. Regardless of when your classes are, make it a habit of rising early and catching some sun. This is even more critical if your department is in the basement of a building, or if you spend a lot of time in the basement.

Several mental health disorders are also known to result from lack of sunlight. Your international health insurance plan will cover most mental health consultations. If you have been drawing the blinds at home or in your workplace, it is time to open them. Let there be Light!
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