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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

  • Students Can Offset New Fees by Saving Money with International Student Travel Insurance

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Airlines are once again making headlines for the wrong reasons, as two more have chosen to introduce new fees for travelers. If these fees are putting a dent in your travel budget, you can actually save money long term by investing in international student travel insurance.

The new fees are being introduced by Spirit Airlines and Ryanair. Spirit's new fees are for carry-on bags, which will be difficult for many of their passengers to swallow given that Spirit is intended to be a discount airline. Ryanair's rumored fee is for usage of the restroom, which is certainly raising eyebrows around the world.

While international student travel insurance won't save you from these fees, it can protect you from the high costs of medical treatment and flight cancellations. Without insurance, an injury, illness, or cancelled flight could cost students hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

So if the new fees introduced by airlines this past week are financially damaging for you, just imagine how difficult it would be to cope with an uninsured medical or travel emergency. Make sure you don't have to experience that financial difficulty firsthand by purchasing international travel insurance for students.
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