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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

  • Students Performing Service Work Need Travel Health Insurance

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More and more often, students are opting to spend their spring breaks and summer vacations providing service work to those in need. If you heed the call to serve in another country, you will definitely want to make sure you have student travel health insurance.

As the 24 hour news cycle and the online media raise consciousness of the global tragedies seen in countries like Chile and Haiti, students are beginning to answer the need for assistance. Rather than spend a vacation lounging on the beaches of Mexico, they are hard at work rebuilding houses on the beaches of Haiti.

But these assignments are every bit as dangerous as they are noble. If you are assisting in an earthquake-ravaged location, for instance, you could fall victim to an aftershock. Or if you are working in an area with a high death toll, all kinds of dangerous airborne germs could be passing viruses and illness through the air.

Student travel health insurance will make sure that your healthcare needs are met at an affordable rate while you are out of the country. You will gt great protection comparable to that of your home country’s plan, all at a reasonable rate. Without it, you will be considered uninsured, and you could face significant medical bills if you need assistance.

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