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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

Swine Flu or H1N1 is a new reality that’s keeping many a school and college awake these days. Tackling this new health hazard is definitely an item on the priority list of most schools and colleges in the USA. What does that mean to International Students going over (or back) to the USA this fall? Some changes for sure.

  1. Posted signboards encouraging regular hand-washing
  2. Encouraging usage of a hand sanitizer and disinfectant hand wipes
  3. Repeated reminders of cough and sneeze etiquettes
  4. Sending same-state students back home for a week or more, if tested positive
  5. Quarantines on international and out-of-state students, if tested positive
  6. And then some more…

Trying to answer a question on many minds about “Should I be worried?“ isn’t that easy. A diplomatic answer would be, “Yes and No.”

A practical one would be, “It is OK to be a bit worried. The rest of the world is, too, you know”. However, if you take enough precautions, there shouldn’t be too much cause for concern. The one worrying aspect of the virus has been that it has proven itself to be stronger than many of its ancestors, and shown a penchant to be pretty active even during summer when most viruses are usually happy being dormant.

You might, of course, decide to be a little more prepared, and enroll in a good health insurance scheme now, for those just-in-case scenarios.

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