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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

  • Students Traveling by Boat Should Consider International Student Health Insurance

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Increasingly, students are opting to travel by boat, whether for vacations or study abroad programs. If you are considering traveling by sea in the near future, you should consider international health insurance for students.

"Semester at Sea" programs offer students a unique way to learn and see the world at the same time. For other students, a cruise offers an exciting vacation opportunity, dropping them off in exotic ports of call.

While these are certainly fun experiences to add to your college memories, they are not without danger. Injury and illness can happen at sea just as easily as on land, and your current insurance policy may not protect you if something does happen. Cruise insurance fills in the gaps your current coverage leaves.

Cruise insurance will assure you of affordable high-quality healthcare in the event you become hurt or sick at sea. Without it, you may be faced with expensive medical bills, and that's something no student wants.
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