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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

  • Students Volunteering Overseas Need International Health Insurance

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Increasingly, students are looking to spend their free time helping those in need. Whether it is volunteering at a local shelter, helping improve the environment around them, or even traveling abroad to assist in humanitarian efforts, students today are more socially conscious than ever before. If you are considering making a trip overseas to volunteer, make certain that you leave with the protection of international student health insurance.

Many students are moved by the plight of nations that need clean drinking water, housing, and other basic accommodations. More campus groups are popping up to organize trips for students to lend a hand in whatever way they can. And many other volunteer efforts have been organized in response to recent natural disasters like the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile.

What students may not realize in their rush to help is that they need to protect themselves before departing. These countries are often quite dangerous because of infrastructure issues, airborne viruses, and other factors, making injury and illness a very real possibility. While most students will have health insurance in their home country, those plans usually do not extend overseas.

An international student health insurance policy will offer the protection students need. It will help absorb the high costs of medical coverage that will occur when you are in a foreign country. So if you do find yourself sick or hurt while volunteering, you can still get quality care at a reasonable price.
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