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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

  • Study Abroad Insurance Protects Students from New Health Risks

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Studying abroad provides a great opportunity for students to expand their personal horizons and learn about a new culture, However many students do not realize it also provides an opportunity o become sick or injured, which is why it's quite important to have study abroad insurance.

Each country you visit has a whole new set of health risks. From differences in air quality to drinking water to simple fatigue brought about by travel, there are many potential ways to get ill or injured while visiting another country.

Your typical insurance plan actually may not cover you during your study abroad experience, making it necessary to buy study abroad insurance. Without it, the fees for your medical care will quickly reach hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Preparing to study abroad requires not only opening your textbooks but learning about the potential dangers that lie abroad, and finding the best ways to protect yourself from them. Study abroad insurance is certainly one of the most effective ways students can assure themselves of long-term health overseas.
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