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  • Saturday, February 16, 2019

  • Study Abroad Students Need Insurance

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Are you considering spending the summer or fall studying abroad? This popular option can be a life-changing experience, as you gain valuable insight into other cultures. Be certain that as you prepare to enlighten and enrich yourself with this exciting challenge, your preparation checklist includes study abroad insurance.

Study abroad insurance makes certain that if you get ill or injured while in another country for academic purposes, you will still have the same access to great, affordable healthcare you would have in your home country. Without it, you could face expensive bills that could take months to pay off.

You see, the healthcare coverage you have in your home country probably doesn't cover injuries and illnesses that occur overseas. So if you have to visit the doctor, the emergency room, or the hospital, you will have to pay for the expenses completely out of pocket. And since you are used to paying co-pays for doctor's visits, you likely don't realize that the true, uninsured cost of a visit can be $200 just for a basic visit.

With study abroad insurance, you'll only pay a fraction of the costs incurred by your medical needs - just like you would at home. Office visits, hospital visits, and prescriptions are all covered. So while you complete your international study adventure, you can focus on the experience at hand; not the worry of trying to pay for expensive medical bills. Commenting is not available in this channel entry.

International Student Insurance (requires student status)
Visitor Insurance (does not require student status)