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  • Saturday, February 16, 2019

What exactly is wrong in Australia? If the Indian media is to be believed, everyone in Australia is a racist and is out to get Indian students out and away from down under. Obviously, that is very far from truth. But, why do we hear about some or the other person of Indian origin being abused in Oz? 
Notwithstanding certain Indian media channels’ propensity for going over the top with any news item which affects the so-called Indian “pride”, there has to be some fire that is causing all this smoke.

Australian government says, these are stray and random events of violence. Racism might be a motive in some, but definitely not all, cases. We are trying our best to control this situation. Australia is safe for all International Students. Australians are very broad-minded, and welcome people of every nationality into their country and their hearts.

In the meantime, there are reports that Australia will now only offer Visas to qualified people who will be of some “use” to the country (read Engineers, Doctors), not everyone; that Australian Universities are facing a severe cash crunch; that there has been an 80% fall in the number of enquiries in Australian Universities from Indian students

Australia seems to be slowly, but surely losing its charm as a preferred educational centre, as far as Indian students are concerned. Well, here is hoping that things get better, and Australia once again goes back to her erstwhile best as a place where every Indian wants to study.

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