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  • Saturday, February 16, 2019

  • Top Universities of UK-2010

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Based on The Guardian’s recently published list of all UK universities ranked according to their teaching excellence, for the year 2010, Oxford University has retained its position as the best university, scoring a 100/100. While it scored a 92% under ‘satisfied with teaching’ criteria. Under the ‘career prospects’ field, Cambridge University is ahead scoring an 83 compared to Oxford’s 79.

St Andrews, Warwick and London School of Economics are the other universities on the top of the list. Winchester university has the lowest ‘Spend per student’ while Oxford is the costliest. London School of Economics has moved down to fifth rank in the list compared to its previous year’s third position. St Andrews has moved up in the rank to the 3rd position replacing London School of Economics.

The ranks were determined on criteria such as ‘% Satisfied with teaching’, ‘% satisfied with feedback’, ‘Spend per student’, ‘Student staff ratio’ and ‘career prospects’.

The Universities in the top 10 positions are Oxford, Cambridge, St Andrews, Warwick, London School of Economics, UCL, Edinburgh, Imperial College, Bath and Loughborough.

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