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  • Saturday, February 16, 2019

You are a tourist to a foreign country. You are there to have fun, or learn something, or play sport, or maybe all of these. Does your Health Insurance coverage go that extra mile with you? Most probably, NO.

When you are traveling outside borders, generally your domestic health insurance will not cover any medical emergencies. Note that we are saying, “generally” here. Your health insurance scheme might be a little different, but that would be usually the exception rather than the rule. Also, some Credit Cards cover tourist insurance. But, do talk to the card provider what all is covered every time you leave your country.

Now, assume you have a medical emergency or an accident in a foreign country. Besides the obvious problem of quick and quality health care, there are a few other problems you might end up facing.

  1. A different culture, and a different medical system than that you are used to
  2. A language barrier that might cause more problems in such situations than normal
  3. Quick and reliable currency conversions
  4. Time zone problems
  5. Quick international claim settlements

There could be a few more or a few less problems than these. But, why take a chance. Why not factor in events that can be factored in. Know your Travel Insurance, and what all can be covered and how quickly claims can be settled. Be prepared, travel well.

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