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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

  • Universal Health Care. What’s the deal?

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The Obama administration is debating and formulating a bill on Universal Health Care. The gist of it is “Health care is a fundamental right of every American and whether one can buy private health care or not, one is entitled to have Public Health Insurance.”

The present government has high hopes riding on this bill, and it was also a major poll promise of the administration. Also, the bill seems to have almost as many people supporting it as those opposing it. The President, obviously, is very keen on getting it through the congress. With lots of lobbying going on from politicians, hospitals, health insurance companies and private doctors, it needs to be seen how the bill will come out in its final form.

One thing is for sure. If observers are to believed, this bill has it in it to totally change the face of health care system in the US. However, it remains to be seen whether those changes will be more positive than negative.

What does that mean to an International Student studying in the USA? The finer points of the bill are still under consideration and are subject to passing of the bill. Whether or not an international student’s insurance will be covered in this is also one of the matters being discussed. Currently, wait-and-watch is the policy for most people.

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