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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

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As a prospective international student, surely you would have visited websites of Universities you are interested in. Invariably there is a course finder, which will help you in finding a course, so to speak.

  1. Have you felt disillusioned while using them?
  2. Have you found some basic features lacking in there?
  3. That they require multiple clicks when a couple would suffice, and need manually hunting for data when the important ones could be easily highlighted?
  4. Peer reviews, ratings, comments, etc. which seem to be present even in personal blogs these days, seem to be lacking in most of these sites?
  5. And finally, a link to download the soft copy of a printed manual - when the whole purpose of the site is not to have to look through the bulky book.

Well, disilussioned or not, you are not alone. We have all been there, seen that.

Not much to say. Every question that a student has is an area of improvement for the Universities. What is probably needed is that Course Finders have to stop being just another feature on the site. They have to be identified as the single most important part of the website. After all a course is pretty much the only product a University sells and these students are your only source of survival.

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