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  • Saturday, February 16, 2019

  • Waiting for the public health care bill?

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International students in the USA, like everyone else here, are awaiting the passing of the public health care bill. Actually, foreign students may or may not be a part of the offered international student health insurance coverage. No one is really sure how exactly the law will look in its final form.

As there is also a possibility that students might actually be covered under the scheme and get health care at very affordable prices, many students are planning to wait and then decide on buying from private health insurers. But, this might not be such a great decision. Here is why...

Many universities have made "proof of insurance" a mandatory requirement to start attending classes. If you are joining one of those, you don't really have a choice. Even if you will be joining a university where having a health insurance policy is not mandatory, do keep in mind that health care is so costly in the USA that one just can't afford to take a chance.

An illness or an emergency can strike any time, and it makes financial sense to stay covered under the protective blanket of a health insurance policy. If at a later point of time, you feel that the public health option can cover you and it is actually good enough, consider changing the policy then. Staying covered at all times makes sense, whether someone makes it mandatory or not. Commenting is not available in this channel entry.

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