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  • Saturday, February 16, 2019

  • What about coverage for dependents of international students?

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An international student studying (or planning to study) in the USA is allowed to be accompanied by dependent(s) - spouse and kid(s). Once the visa and other necessary documentation for everyone is complete, there comes the point when international student medical insurance is to be bought. It is not only a good decision to have coverage for the entire duration of the stay; many universities make it mandatory to have health insurance.

When selecting health insurance for oneself, it is a good idea to buy coverage for one’s dependents too. Doing so works out cheaper in some policies.

There are some points to be aware of before choosing to buy coverage for dependent spouse and/or kid(s)

  1. Coverage for a dependent spouse can be very costly, sometimes around 8-10 times of what the student will pay. This is a general trend (with exceptions of course).
  2. Do not be mislead by plans that claim to provide the best rates for coverage for you. They might cost you an arm and a leg for a dependent. Plans that seem to be slightly costlier for an individual might actually work out cheaper when the combined premium is calculated.
  3. Check out the clause on coverage for pregnancy, if that matters to you. There can be some ambiguity in this clause in many plans.

Enjoy your stay, and stay covered.

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