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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

  • What won’t a health insurance plan cover? - Part 1

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If you have seen the documentation for international student health insurance plans, you would have observed a clause that details the expenses that will not be covered by the plan. Reading through this list is essential to understand the plan exclusions. One should never sign up for a plan believing that every ailment and expenditure connected to it will be covered.

An health insurance plan is designed to give you the optimum coverage without being forbiddingly costly. That means, invariably the insurer has to draw a line somewhere and put up a list of exclusions. Not having such exclusions will shoot up the premiums for everyone, and make the plan affordable for no one.

Some exclusions will be obvious, some not so much. It is important for you to understand why a certain expense can not be covered in your international student medical insurance plan. You also need to know that if something is excluded, it might still be covered with a rider. You’ll have to pay a slightly higher premium, though.

Pre-existing conditions, non-emergency dental expenses, pregnancy-related expenses (if conception has happened before coverage began), professional sports injuries, experimental treatment, non-essential plastic surgery and cosmetic treatment, etc. are some that aren’t covered in many policies. We’ll understand the reasons in more detail in forthcoming articles. Commenting is not available in this channel entry.

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