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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

  • What won’t a health insurance plan cover? - Part 2

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We’ve seen in a previous article how there are some exclusions in most international student insurance plans. We’ll try to understand the reasoning behind these exclusions, and also understand if there are other options to make sure one can stay protected in case they have to face the expenses that aren’t covered by their plan.

Pre-existing conditions: This one seems obvious. The premiums required to cover pre-existing will be prohibitive for most people, and it makes almost no financial sense for a company to offer coverage for a medical condition that exists before the plan was purchased. There are some plans that cover such expenses after 3-5 years of continuous coverage.

Also, if coverage for pre-existing conditions is offered, there is no incentive to buy a policy to cover the risk, as one can buy coverage only if/when something happens. That is not how the concept of insurance works, whether it be in student health insurance or life insurance or motor insurance. The coverage has to be purchased before the insured event happens.

Non-emergency dental treatment: Cosmetic or other expenses related to dental treatments are usually not covered unless recommended by the doctor and are related to an emergency that affects the overall health otherwise. Buying a separate dental plan is an option.

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