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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

  • What won’t a health insurance plan cover? - Part 3

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We’ve seen in previous articles how there are some exclusions in most international student insurance plans and details of some of them. Let us try to understand some more exclusions, the reasons behind them and other possible alternatives.

Pregnancy-related expenses: Generally pregnancy is treated as any other medical condition, and expenses incurred are covered. However, there is a clause in most plans which denies coverage if conception occurs before the plan comes into force. If the insured is pregnant before the coverage has begun, pregnancy is then treated as a pre-existing condition, and related expenses are not covered.

Besides that, there are some plans that have a waiting period. That means, continuous coverage of 3-5 years is needed before maternity expenses can be covered. If this part of the coverage is important for you, please ask about it before signing up for the student medical insurance plan.

Cosmetic treatment: Plastic surgeries, nose-jobs, lip-jobs, etc. which are not really considered as medical conditions are not covered by most plans. However, if cosmetic surgery is recommended by a physician on health grounds, say because of an accident or a fire incident, then it is covered.

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