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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

  • When Food Poisoning Strikes, Turn to International Student Health Insurance

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There are many different injuries and illnesses that can strike students visiting international destinations. From passing flus and viruses around while being in close contract with other students to spraining ankles while participating in sports and competitive events, it's not uncommon to need medical attention during your trip. But one of the most frequent issues that may lead a student to use their international student health insurance policy is simple food poisoning.

One cause of food poisoning may be that food was not prepared at a proper temperature. This can lead to bacteria developing in your food, which will in turn make you sick. This is especially common for students doing missionary work in underdeveloped countries where residents simply do not have adequate cooking equipment.

A second reason is simply that people can get sick from eating foods they are not used to. Having a new food introduced to your stomach, especially if it is indigenous to another culture, can cause you to get ill.

When this problem surfaces, you'll be thankful you have international student health insurance. It covers you while you are overseas (which most employer-sponsored plans do not offer), so if you do need to visit the doctor or emergency room because of food poisoning or another illness, you can do so without incurring huge expenses. Commenting is not available in this channel entry.

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