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  • Saturday, February 16, 2019

Everyone falls ill once in a while. Everyone has to visit the doctor once in a while. Everyone (well, almost!) finds medical bills very costly, at least in the USA. Everyone would rather pay a smaller premium to cover the bigger financial risk of health care. Basically, everyone needs health insurance.

For quite some time now, many universities in the USA have made health insurance a necessary requirement for all students. Many more universities are following this policy. All international students studying in these universities are required to have some form of international student medical insurance before commencing classes.

Let us move away from universities a bit, and see what is happening all around in the USA. Health reform bill is slowly inching towards becoming a law. A public option is being introduced. More importantly, not possessing health insurance might actually become illegal, and the offender might be fined. Though not everyone in the public is completely supportive of this move, it points us in the direction that the things are moving: the government is trying to make its point clear about the importance of health insurance.

It only makes sense to consider all available international student insurance policies and make a pick.
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International Student Insurance (requires student status)
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