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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

  • Who Should Buy International Student Insurance?

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Perhaps you have heard of international student insurance but you're not sure if you need it or not. You may think that because you are studying in a certain country, because you already have coverage in your native country, or because you will only be in the country a short period of time you don't need it. Here are some facts that will help you better understand who needs international student insurance.

Regardless of what country you're in, it's always a good idea to buy a special insurance policy for that country. Even if you have a great insurance policy in your home country, that coverage will probably not be recognized in the nation you're visiting. So you will be considered to be uninsured during your stay, which could prove to be very expensive if you need to visit the doctor or a hospital.

Even if your stay is just a semester, you could still find yourself needing medical attention. Since you will be in a new environment, you will be more likely to get sick. You'll be around new groups of people, and environments like colleges and universities tend to be breeding grounds for germs as students intermingle. And the stress of your studies and getting acclimated to your new surroundings could also make you ill. If you do need to see a doctor because you're sick, you definitely don't want to do so without insurance.

No matter how long you're studying abroad, where you're studying at, or what kind of insurance you have at home, it's always a good idea to buy international student insurance before studying abroad. The small amount of money you spend in the short term to purchase the policy could lead to huge savings in the long run on actual medical care. Commenting is not available in this channel entry.

International Student Insurance (requires student status)
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