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  • Saturday, February 16, 2019

  • Why International Students Need Study Abroad Insurance

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Studying abroad is an exciting experience for the student. The student gets exposure to so many international job openings, for example, in international companies once they are done with their studies. They can be employed in those companies. When studying abroad, there is need for the students to have study abroad insurance so that they can be covered against the risks that may come about in the course of their studies.

The student needs to have insurance to cover him on all existing medical conditions and others that may come up along the way. The courses the student is studying could also be risky, such as sports, exposing the student to harmful conditions or risky areas when the student is doing his or her research. If the student has an existing condition, it is good to give the correct information to the insurer so that when that condition worsens during the students stay abroad, the medical insurance will cover the expenses for him.

The study abroad insurance should cover prescription medicine, hospital admission bills, and injections refills incase of diabetes and other tests. When applying for the coverage, ask the insurer to clarify whether the cover extends to the other states that you may be travelling to in the course of your study. The student should know that the cover does not cover any cosmetic surgery.


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