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  • Saturday, February 16, 2019

  • Why Should I Buy Student Travel Insurance?

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Students are always looking to save money wherever they can, and in today's economy that's more true than ever. So as a student planning a trip with limited budget, you may be asking yourself "why should I buy international student travel insurance?". After all, if you're trying to limit how much you spend, how can it make sense to spend more?

What you may not realize is that international student travel insurance is an investment that is designed to save you money.So by spending a little extra up front, all of the money you spend on airfare, hotel accommodations, and event tickets will be protected when unforeseen incidents arises.

For instance, imagine you have booked a summer vacation to Europe, but then someone in your family falls ill two days before your departure. If you cancel your bookings with such short notice, the airline and hotel will not refund even a portion of your expenses. So you will be out of your entire investment with nothing to show for it.

But if you have international student travel insurance, you could face the same scenario and receive partial reimbursement for your costs, thanks to your policy. You can also gain reimbursement if your plans are cancelled or delayed for many other reasons, as well as if you have to re-purchase airfare and hotel room, and if you lose luggage and have to buy new items. You can see where the savings you gain from this type of insurance far outweighs the nominal upfront investment. If you're looking to manage your budget effectively, international student travel insurance is not just another cost; it's a necessity.

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