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  • Saturday, January 19, 2019

  • Working as an Intern in a Foreign Country

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Since technically after you complete your masters or doctorate program you no longer remain a student, schools or colleges generally will not provide heath insurance to you. Until you land your dream job you can work as an intern, researcher, or lab assistant in a college or university overseas. Optional Practical Training Insurance provides health insurance coverage for recently graduated students who are working for the first time.

Optional Practical Training Insurance. offers health coverage for both students participating in research internships in US accredited colleges and US citizens working overseas. Recently many universities throughout Europe have established their own internship and co-op work programs. Insurance offered through the university or program employer is often expensive and a hassle to deal with.

Optional Practical Training (OPT) Insurance provides well rounded coverage at a reasonable price. To be eligible for OPT insurance one must have an F-1 visa. The prospective insured must not be enrolled in full-time classes.

Purchase of OPT insurance will not only provide the insured with great health insurance, it will also get rid of the hassle involved with dealing with insurance offered by the employer. OPT insurance can be easily purchased online by filling out a simple quote form.

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