Foreign Student Insurance

Foreign Student Insurance coverage for foreign students studying in the US or for a US resident /citizen studying abroad is provided by International Services, Inc. Dependents (spouse/or children) of enrolled foreign students are also eligible to apply with the students for foreign student health insurance. Many schools and government require a foreign student to have foreign student insurance prior to enrolling in their programs.

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Foreign Student Health Insurance

Foreign Student Health Insurance is designed to cover unexpected medical expenses that arise as a result of accidents or illness. Foreign student insurance has a wide range of coverage including emergency treatment away from home, hospitalization and medical expenses, maternity benefits, dental fees, prescription drugs coverage, evacuation and repatriation (return of mortal remains to home country) and much more. Foreign student health insurance protects you from high medical bills while you access doctors and healthcare facilities away from home.

Insurance for Foreign Students

Foreign student health insurance choices are dependent on your needs and the options available to you. Insurance for foreign student can be bought for a period of time anywhere between just a few days, to cover a summer study abroad program or a full year of student exchange program or for the entire duration of a study program in the US. The cost of insurance for foreign student depends on the individual, medical history, the state that they plan to pursue studies, the plans and the deductible they choose.


If you are looking for a group plan to cover students, then you can consider the options at group plan premiums are slightly lower than the individual plans and their benefits can also be customized to suit the specific situation/risk. The premium payment for the group plan must be from the sponsoring organization and not the from the individuals being insured.

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Foreign Student Insurance

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