International Student Group Health Insurance

International Student Group Health Insurance coverage designed for universities & international educational institutions to cover foreign students studying in the US or studying overseas outside their home country.

Many US universities and study abroad programs are insured under our Group International Student Insurance plans. International Student program co-ordinators are strongly advised to institute international student / scholar insurance coverage as a part of the enrollment.

Group International Student Health Insurance

Group international student health insurance has a wide range of coverage including emergency treatment, hospitalization and medical expenses, maternity benefits, dental fees, prescription drugs coverage, and much more. Group international student health insurance is designed to protect international students from financial ruin as a result of high medical bills. We provide international student program advisors with the right tools and plans to choose the best group international student (F1 visa) and exchange scholar (J1 visa) insurance.

International Student Group Insurance for Universities

Custom International Student Group Insurance coverage can be designed for Universities & Colleges to avoid the risk of bearing expensive medical treatment & repatriation costs of an unlucky student or exchange scholar. Our International student and exchange scholar group insurance for colleges aims to provide affordable and flexible insurance plans with low deductibles. International student group health insurance provides access to a network of quality physicians, hospitals and pharmacies away from home.

Student Health AdvantageSM is designed for organizations of two or more who are traveling together to a destination outside of their country of citizenship. Please click the Get Quote button to to apply for Student Health Advantage coverage.


If you are seeking a coverage for a group of non-students (i.e. tourists or exchange visitors), then you can consider options for them at These plans can cover for medical expenses, evacuation, accidental death, repatriation etc.

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International Student Insurance (requires student status)
Visitor Insurance (does not require student status)