Optional Practical Training Insurance

Optional Practical Training insurance is designed for international students who are on OPT, a work permit given to F-1 students who are no longer enrolled in full time classes allowing the recent graduates some practical work experience based on the already learnt classroom knowledge. Most schools do not provide health insurance to students on OPT as they are no longer full time students. OPT insurance provides good value to students in terms of coverage as well as money till the time they get insurance from their employer. There are many plans with various maximum coverage limits for medical expenses (ranging from $25K to $1,000K) and deductibles (ranging from > $0 to $2500). You can compare various insurance policies, download policy brochures, obtain online quotes and also purchase policies.

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Opt health insurance

Opt health insurance can be bought for a duration of 5 days up to 12 months at any given instance and is renewable depending on the plan you select. Opt health insurance can provide coverage for hospitalization, Surgery, Intensive Care, Prescription Drugs, Evacuation as well as Repatriation. Opt health insurance can be purchased online by completing easy application form. After submission of the form you can get the confirmation of purchase immediately and can also download all your documents within minutes.


International tourists (not students) can protect themselves from thousands of dollars arising from potential medical expenses by purchasing medical insurance for visitors, please see http://www.nriol.net for more details.

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