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Study abroad insurance caters to US as well as non US students needing insurance coverage while studying abroad. Most of the Universities in the US require students to have adequate insurance while they are enrolled. Many Study Abroad programs sponsors also require the submission of medical forms about the students physical and mental health and require proof of health and accident insurance. Purchasing the Study Abroad insurance is an inexpensive way for protection in the event of any emergency situation. The Study Abroad insurance plans offer affordable comprehensive coverage to students as well as their families. There are variety of plans with various maximum coverage limits (ranging from $100K to $1,000K) and deductibles (ranging from $50 to $2500). You can compare various insurance policies, download policy brochures, obtain online quotes and also purchase policies.

Study Abroad health insurance Quote Form

Study Abroad health insurance

Study Abroad health insurance can be purchased as less as 5 days up to 12 months at any given instance and is renewable depending on the plan you select. Study Abroad health insurance provides coverage for hospitalization, Surgery, Intensive Care, Prescription Drugs, Evacuation, Repatriation as well as mental health.Some plans offer coverage for maternity and pre existing conditions(waiting periods may exist). Study Abroad health insurance application form can be completed online and coverage can begin as early as the next day. After submission of the form you can get the confirmation of purchase immediately and can also download all your documents within minutes.


If you are considering an insurance solution for parents (of international students) visiting USA then please visit the blog section of NRIOL.NET at for a wealth of information about coverage, premiums, exclusions and claims.

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Study Abroad Insurance

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