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International student travel insurance and student travel health insurance coverage for students around the world is provided by International Services, Inc. Whether you are a US Citizen studying abroad or an international student studying in the US we offer International Student Travel Insurance plans that fit your needs.

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International Student Insurance (requires student status)
International Student Health Insurance - Short Term

Health Insurance - International Student Travel

International Student Travel Insurance can cover the following:

  • Medical Expenses - Hospital, Doctors, X-Rays
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Repatriation - Return of mortal remains to home country
  • Medical Evacuation - Cost of transporting the sick/injured to the closest adequate medical facility

International Student Travel Health Insurance:

International Student Travel Health Insurance includes for both domestic and international trips. Student Travel Health Insurance ensures that you are protected from high medical bills in the event you become sick or injured on your trip. Student travel health insurance plans may include valuable medical coverage, trip interruption, and emergency travel and health services. The right student travel health insurance plan covers events like emergency treatments away from home, hospitalization, prescription coverage, evacuation and repatriation and much more.

Health Insurance For International Student:

Health insurance for international student is required by many schools and government prior to enrolling. Trying to select which health insurance for international student is right for you depends on your needs and the options available to you. International Services, Inc.  provides you high quality health insurance for international student at very competitive prices. When US citizens and non US citizens study outside of your country of citizenship the Health Insurance For International Student Insurance plans provides both of them with international student health insurance coverage. Some of the benefits the plan provides are high medical coverage, prescription coverage, maternity and mental health, sports coverage, evacuation and repatriation and much more.


International Students who already have health insurance through their school or university and are seeking strictly medical evacuation repatriation insurance, they can purchase a stripped down evacuation and repatriation plan at These plans have no coverage for medical expenses and are very affordable (much cheaper than the package plans that include medical coverage).


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